Adarsh Steel Tubes

Name of Test

Tests To Check Rigid Steel Conduits

Name of Test Mode of Testing
Inspection of Surfaces & Edges Visual Examination
(By Normal or Corrected Vision without Magnification)
Inspection of Marking Brand name, Nominal Size &
Country of Origin on each length
Durability of Marking Compliances Tested by method as mentioned in IS : 9537
Dimensional Check For maximum OD by GO Gauges
& minimum OD by NO GO Gauges
Wall Thickness Measured with the help of vernier
calippers as specified in BIS Standard
Accuracy equal to or more than
0.02 mm
Isometric Screw Threads
  • Length measured by vernier
  • Profile of threads by GO & NO
    GO gauges
Bending Test By Bending the Samples on Bend Test Apparatus
& Testing the samples for deformity & Cracking of
original material or protective coating as mentioned
in BIS 9537 Part I & II
Compression Test With the help of Compression test
Test for Protective coating
(for checking the effect of
External Inluences.)
With the help of Chemicals as prescribed
in BIS : 9537 Specifications. Medium and
Heavy protective Coating of Rigid Steel
Conduits are Tested for the Effect of external
influences or Anti Corrosive effectiveness of
the protective coating